iRacing FFB Settings and Analysis

A graphical tool for analyzing iRacing FFB settings.


For each box, set the slider to the correct value. Select the '?' button for additional details.

1- Wheelbase - This value depends on your wheel and what power percentage you select in your wheel driver software.

2- Sim Race Car - Each car in iRacing is different and each has a different amount of torque at the steering wheel.
For the cars you drive, find the one that generates the most steering column torque and use that value here. All the other cars will be relative to this.

3- iRacing Max Force - This setting comes down to personal feel and what you like. Oval drivers tend to like a lighter feel than Road racers.
The important thing to remember, is to not drive your wheel so hard that it clips.
Avoid clipping at all costs.


1- Wheelbase
2- Sim Race Car
3- iRacing Max Force Setting
Specific Output
Clipping Point Analysis


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